Inbound call center: which KPIs should be prioritized?

For a better call center management, it is important to use necessary and efficient means. The use of KPIs is the first parameter to consider. However, it is important to know that some KPIs must be placed at the first line of monitoring. What are these indicators to prioritize? Find out here, 3 best KPIs to track to perfectly manage the inbound call center.

The cost per call

Cost per call is ranked among the important kpis for call centers. Its concept is simple to understand and use. In reality, it is about analyzing the cost of each contact made by the customer. However, in the case of an incoming call, you should not take into account the commercial canvassing for example. To determine this call cost, you can do it annually by taking into account the management costs adapted by the customer service of your company.

Call duration

The amount of time a customer talks to a customer service agent is an important part of managing call center services. It is actually an important KPI to evaluate the productivity of your agents. So from the duration of the calls made at the customer's initiative, you must necessarily determine the work of the agents. If, for example, the duration of inbound calls is generally longer, you may have to deduce that your agent spends more time communicating with a single customer. As a result, he or she will not have enough time to spend with other customers.

Call abandonment rate

Here, the KPI comes into play at the point where the customer abandons the call before being connected with a call center agent. The call abandonment rate is therefore determined the quality of your IVR menu. Indeed, if you see a big change in this KPI, it means that the use of your IVR menu is not easy, but very complex.