Foreign fans banned from coming to Tokyo Olympics over coronavirus

International fans have been stopped from coming to the Tokyo Olympics due to the covid-19 pandemic. This decision was made after a virtual meeting with all stakeholders.


International fans stopped from coming to Tokyo for Olympics


 International fans will be prevented from viewing this year's Olympic and Paralympics, due to a surge in Covid-19 concerns. This was organized on Sunday, by the organizing community.


 This decision was taken after a virtual meeting between the IOC, Tokyo authorities, and the Japanese government. However, Japan's chief Suga says the event will be held this year. 'To be transparent and clear about decisions taken, ticket holders cannot enter Japan during the tournament till further notice, The IOC said.


 All parties have agreed to this decision and promised to work towards the success of the event. The event was suspended last year because of the covid-19 pandemic. Japan said there are about 9,000 fatalities from the virus and thousands more in care centers m. More than two million tickets have been said to be sold to fans in other countries.


A necessary but sad decision - IOC president


 While Japan allocated 4.5 tickets to its citizens. '' Deciding very fast is important to spare people from other issues. '' Seiko Hashimoto, chief of the organization committee. The president of IOC Thomas Bach said it was 'a sad decision'. He said that it is important that people take covid-19 pandemic. Some sports personalities have said they may not come to the Olympics because of the pandemic.


 Many have said the Olympics should be canceled totally since it has been postponed once, however the organizers will have none of it and said the event will hold despite all problems. Sponsors for the event have reduced because they believe they may not make enough profits from the events. However, the Japanese government has promised to fund the event.